Here at Just Rachel we also produce a mouth-watering range of delicious desserts including:

  • Chocolate Drambuie Slice
    Rich dark chocolate with amaretti biscuits and drambuie liqueur. Possibly the most decadent dessert that we have ever made!

  • Chocolate Rum Truffle Torte
    Rich, dark, thick, rummy, truffley chocolate on a crisp chocolate base.

  • Gooey Ginger Torte
    Ginger sponge on a crisp ginger base with a sticky butterscotch topping.

  • Hazelnut Pavlova Roulade
    Chewy, crunchy Hazelnut meringue wrapped round a cream and chocolate hazelnut filling. 

  • Lime and Ginger Cheesecake
    Mascarpone with fresh lime juice and pieces of stem ginger on a crisp biscuit base.

  • White Chocolate & Raspberry Arctic Roll
    An old favourite made with our own rich and creamy white chocolate & raspberry ice cream.

  • Chocolate Berry Ice Cream Cake
    Our Raspberry Sorbet layered on top of blueberry studded vanilla ice cream, with a rich chocolate cake base.

  • Raspberry & Almond Roulade
    Chewy, crunchy almond meringue wrapped around a cream, raspberry & white chocolate filling. 

  • Lemon Cheesecake
    An old favourite made with fresh lemon juice on a crisp biscuit base.



All our items are produced in premises where nut products are manufactured.


Rich & Creamy Ice Creams of Distinction