June/July 2018 Newsletter

After a cool and slow start to the season we have been really busy since things warmed up in May.



The cold end to the winter delayed the rhubarb this year but it eventually arrived from Redmarley and the Rhubarb Ice Cream has been selling really well. Because of the late start we have decided to continue with it as a summer special, at least until stocks run out.

As our other summer special we have decided to return to a popular flavour from a couple of years ago, Raspberry & Limoncello Ice Cream. It should be available before the end of the month, and is made with local raspberries, real limoncello and no additives. It offers a wonderful taste of summer!


Our dairy free/vegan ice cream is attracting lots of interest at the moment. Typical comments are that it is unusually rich and creamy for a dairy ice cream, so much so that it is impossible to tell it isn’t “real” ice cream. Made from a base of coconut cream and granulated unprocessed cane sugar, and of course no additives, it is offered in 3 flavours; Lime & Coconut Liqueur, Chocolate, and Passion Fruit and is available in 100ml, 500ml and 2 litre catering sizes.




At last our parlour in Ledbury is open!  We have been open for 3 weeks now, and we’ve been receiving plenty of good feedback.We are serving lots of sundaes, crepes, waffles and milk shakes, and of course ice cream cones and tubs. We also serve high quality coffee made from wood roasted beans, and a range of juices and drinks.including local cider and prosecco. We also stock all of our flavours in take home 500ml tubs. The parlour is open 7 days a week all year round and our management team of Jenny, Sophie and Nikki look forward to welcoming you there.


With all the doom and gloom on high streets at present, Ledbury seeems to be bucking the trend. The national chains have always been thinly represented here, and there are plenty of intersting individual shops in the bustling town centre. It is no coincidence that in December Ledbury was judged the 6th best shopping experince in Europe by the Guardian newspaper. It’s lovely to now be a part of it!




Meanwhile things continue to move on apace at the dairy in Bromsberrow. Dave and Rita recently decided to retire after many years’ service with Just Rachel. We wish them well. Viv Hagger has taken over from Dave to run the office admin, and she is busy getting to grips with all the quirks and idiosyncrasies of our systems! In the dairy Julie Wolstenholme and Dawn Priday have joined the production team, Dawn returning after a long career break to raise a family!

Our main challenge at the moment is the rapidly escalating price of Vanilla which has now reached a staggering £450 per kilo (compared to silver which is currently just under £400 per kilo), making it the most expensive spice in the world after saffron. This level is ten times the price it was only a few years ago and is being driven by last year’s cyclone in Madagascar which produces most of the world’s Vanilla, and increases in demand because more manufacturers are turning towards natural ingredients rather than artificial flavourings. However because of the price hike some are now going back to synthetic alternatives, and others are stopping producing Vanilla altogether. We won’t go down either of those routes, and are in a slightly better position than many because when the price started to rise last year we bought forward at least a year’s supply.


On a more positive note we are now starting to take delivery of local summer fruits, at similar price levels to last year. Wonderful strawberries have been coming in over the last few weeks, now being followed by raspberries. We still hull all our strawberries by hand – looks like somebody’s going to be busy!


That’s all for this letter, but please do feel free to contact Chia, Viv, Alison or Julian in the office at any time, 01531 650639 or email to We would love to hear from you. Also follow us on Twitter (@JustRacheltweet) or Facebook (JustRachelQualityDesserts) for more updates.

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