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Praised by Stuart Maconie in his book 'Adventures On The High Teas'

'You can get up to British Camp in fifteen minutes from the road, and everyone does, the grannies, the aunties, the back-packers, the kids, the dogs, the courting couples. For me, though, the pass below British Camp is a place of pilgrimage for reasons that are nothing to do with patriotism or antiquarian ramparts. Just by the car park is a wooden kiosk that has been there for many years and where, come rain or shine, a smiling Goth girl with multicoloured hair and woolies will sell you a polystyrene cup of steaming tea, a bacon sandwich and the best ice cream you will ever taste in your life. Rachel Hicks from a nearby farm in Ledbury makes ice cream that is so far removed from the tasteless ice blocks of the mass market or the unvarying homogenised scoops of even the luxury ones that it deserves a different name. It comes in luscious drool-inducing flavours that reflect the country around it: gooseberry & elderflower, damson and sloe gin, brown bread, honeycomb, treacle toffee. On a hot summer's day - if one should ever occur again in England - they transcend a mere ice cream and become a religious experience. Incredibly you can get them mail order too, delivered overnight in a casket filled with dry ice. She advises you to open it wearing gloves. I'd be too impatient to find the gloves. And it's worth losing a hand for anyway. '

From 'Adventures on the High Teas' by Stuart Maconie published by Ebury. Reprinted by kind permission of The Random House Group Ltd.

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Featured in 'The 50 Best Ice Creams' in The Independent

Sarah Brown, vegetarian writer: "Just Rachel...makes heavenly ice creams inspired by old recipes."

Reviewed in BBC Good Food Magazine July 2005:"A revelation, possibly the best I've ever tasted."

Voted 'Best Buy' in The Observer Food Monthly, June 2011: The best strawberry ice cream I've had from a tub. Knock-out fruit, strong strawberry aftertaste. So good!'

Rich & Creamy Ice Creams of Distinction