About us

Just Rachel Quality Desserts was established in 1987. Based in the very heart of the Three Counties, our aim right from the start was to make simply the best desserts and ice creams possible.

We went back to great cooks of former eras such as Mrs Beeton and Eliza Acton, to find out how they made ice cream in the days before additives and food technology – and that is how we make our products today. We use only rich dairy cream and pure natural ingredients, to bring you the creamiest and most delicious desserts.

Only the finest ingredients are used

At Just Rachel we produce ice cream which really is just that – cream blended with real whole fruit, real chocolate or real liqueurs. Wherever possible we use local produce from the Three Counties – thick Herefordshire cream, soft summer fruits from the vales of Worcestershire, the fruits of autumn from the orchards of Gloucestershire.

To these ingredients we add the best from around the world – tropical fruits, exotic liqueurs, dark Belgian chocolate - to produce rich, creamy ice cream in a range of tempting and unusual flavours. At Just Rachel we also produce real fruit sorbets made, like our ice creams, with fresh, whole ingredients. We work to the highest standards of hygiene and compliance with legislation, proven by the achievement of SALSA ACCREDITATION in November 2009. In recognition of her work, Rachel was awarded the title of first ever HEREFORDSHIRE FOOD CHAMPION in October 2010. 

Our ice creams and desserts are often featured on the menus of local hotels, inns and restaurants. If you would like an individual tub or cone to eat straight away, or a larger take-home tub for a dinner party or special occasion, these can be purchased from any of the independent retail outlets listed. We are always finding new stockists for our products, and our list of outlets will be updated regularly. If you do experience difficulties obtaining Just Rachel products, just telephone 01531 650639 between 8.30am and 5.00pm
(outside these hours there is an answer phone), 
or e-mail info@justrachel.com

" I just wanted to congratulate you on a great product and great flavour combos - clearly you are one of Herefordshire's Food Heroes..."    Michael Ridley

Rich & Creamy Ice Creams of Distinction